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alt text for image of a red toolboxEach month I write a post for Salesbloggers Union. If you haven’t visited SBU, you should. Each month, a group of us who write passionately about sales each blog about a single topic.

Maybe you don’t like my take on Influence. Maybe you want something different. In that case, try:

Dave Brock from Partners in Excellence and his post Influence is What You Make of It.

Dan Waldschmidt from Intromojo’s post Stop Treating Me Like a Freakin 3-Year Old.

Craig Klein of SalesNexus offers this post  Influence Is Not What It Used to Be. Trust Is Where It Is At!

Kelley Roberston from Fearless Selling weighs in with Why It Sucks to Be a Natural Born Influencer.

Tibor Shanto from Renbor gives some seriously useful and practical advice in Influence Questions.

No one has a monopoly on good ideas. As someone who has grown dreadfully fearful of mutually exclusive approaches to anything, I like the fact that at SBU, you might find the right idea for the problem you are struggling with now. Check out and let me know what you think.

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