They Don’t Know You

alt text image for a name tage with no nameSo your not one of the really big guys in your industry. Your dream client hasn’t heard of your company, and your company name isn’t widely recognized. Guess what? It’s not what is important.

They Don’t Know You Because They Don’t Know You!

If your dream client doesn’t know your company’s name, it is because they don’t know you. More still, a bigger company’s name is no more valuable in winning your dream client’s business than your company’s name; both companies are made up of people that may or not produce results for them.

What makes a difference is whether or not they know your name.

If your dream client doesn’t know your name, if they haven’t seen it 36 times in the last year because they are on your nurture list, and if they can’t say that your relentless pursuit of them has been done with a devotion and consistency that borders on violating the stalking statutes of some states, then it doesn’t matter that they don’t know your company’s name.

What matters is that they don’t know your name.

Their Beliefs About You Are Their Beliefs About Your Company

What your dream client believes about you is what they will believe about your company.

Your company can have the most well known name in your industry and it may be completely meaningless to your dream client because you have never called on them. What they believe about your company is that you could care less who they are. Maybe you are too big to need them as a client? What’s clear is you don’t care.

You can be a micro-company who cares enough to call, to write, to email, to send white papers, to send value-creating ideas, and to continually pursue your dream client like their business is all that matters to you in the world. And this alone can help your dream client believe strongly that you are the right partner. And they will know your name.

If you care, your company cares. If you pay attention, your company pays attention. If you communicate and make yourself known, then your company will be known.


Is the reason your dream client doesn’t know your company’s name because of your size and the fact that you are crowded out by larger competitors? Whose fault is it that your company’s name isn’t known? Who is supposed to be calling on your dream client?
What would you have to do to make your company known to your dream clients? What would you want to your dream clients to know? What are you doing about it now?

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