Secrets That the Masters of B2B Sales Don’t Care That You Discover

“Learn the secrets that the masters of sales don’t want you to know.”

Statements like these always entertain me. It’s almost always some sort of pitch that has nothing whatsoever to do with what it really takes to succeed. Almost always it is nothing more than a collection of worthless gimmicks, tips, and tricks that aren’t worthy of your time and attention. Worse still, those who master anything don’t practice any of what you will find under a statement like the one above.

The truth is that the masters aren’t afraid of you learning what they do to succeed. To be quite honest, they would be more than happy to share what they know with you if you asked them to. They would even spend time mentoring you if you were sincere in your approach. The reason they are not afraid for you—or anyone else—to learn what they know is that it is a rare few who are willing to do what they do, to apply it to their own sales, and to spend the time and energy to gain the real competency for themselves.

The masters exercise a greater discipline than those who dabble. They repeat the fundamentals over and over and over again, practicing until they develop the highest level of competency. They spend their time doing what is necessary to gain mastery, never looking for the shortcuts, the gimmicks, the tips, or the tricks that those who dabble seek. They look for effectiveness, not shortcuts.

The masters aren’t afraid you will discover their secret of self-discipline. They know it is the rare few that are willing to spend themselves learning and practicing the fundamentals.

The masters are willing to do the things that those who play around the edges are not willing to do. While the pretender looks for ways to not have to prospect, the masters spend their time prospecting with a devotion that borders on religious. While some seek ways to not have to cold call, the master make call after call, working diligently to penetrate the dream clients they need to solidify their position in the top 20%.

The masters aren’t afraid that you will learn the secret of their prospecting and cold calling. They know that most will try to find an easier way. The easiest path is taking the long road; the most difficult path is in seeking an easier road.

The masters aren’t afraid to ask for what they need to win and to succeed. They aren’t afraid to deal with the ugly realities that stand between them and their deal, and they are resourceful in their approach. Again and again they make the choice to take action-especially when taking action is difficult.

The masters aren’t afraid that you will learn the secret of taking action. They know that most will fear losing too much to do what is necessary to win. Many will make the choice not to act.


There are no secrets, no gimmicks, no tips, and no tricks to succeeding in sales. All that you need to succeed is known. The masters in any endeavor have a no secrets, only a far greater competence in the fundamentals.

And they don’t care whether you know.


    1. Why do you sometimes believe the hype? Why do you sometimes want to believe that there are secrets that allow others to succeed that, if learned, would allow you enjoy the same success?
    1. What are you really good at? Did you gain your high level of competency by finding shortcuts, secrets, gimmicks, tips, or tricks? Or, did you spend all of your time developing the fundamentals to the highest level possible? What does this mean is necessary in improving your success in sales?
    1. Are the people that you know who are at the top of their game willing to share their ideas about their success with you, or do they hold it secret? Is what they do so clear and observable that anyone who was thoughtful enough to pay attention could quickly learn what it is they do? What causes you not to do what you can observe leads to success? What do you believe that prevents you from taking the same actions? What would you have to believe to start taking action now?
  1. What do you believe to be the fundamental attributes, behaviors, and activities of those who perform at the highest level of sales? What are the areas where you behave or act differently? What can you do today to improve in the areas that would improve your sales results?

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