You Are Discounting Too Deeply

Discount: To leave out of account; to take no notice of

  1. You are discounting how much your dream client needs you right now.
  2. You are discounting how big of a difference you personally can make for you dream client.
  3. You are discounting how much dissatisfaction is lurking outside the C-Suite and their desire to share it with you.
  4. You are discounting how much can be done in a single hour.
  5. You are discounting just how long you have to persevere to get what you really want.
  6. You are discounting how much and how often your dream clients need to hear that you really want their business.
  7. You are discounting how much effort it takes to make your clients really feel that you care.
  8. You are discounting the impact and the influence that is generated by simply listening.
  9. You are discounting the power of simply asking for what you want.
  10. You are discounting how much your offering looks like others and how much differentiation is really needed.
  11. You are discounting how much time it takes to prospect well and to nurture your most important dream clients.
  12. You are discounting how much you really need to learn about your dream client in order to win a deal.
  13. You are discounting how much politics control change management and the effort it takes to really help people change.
  14. You discount how much it means to your dream clients that you own the outcome that you sell them.
  15. You are discounting the importance of your new big idea.
  16. You are discounting the impact your positive attitude and outlook can have on those around you.
  17. You are discounting how much your call to offer your help to someone with a problem will mean to them.

Two Discounts You Should Never Make

  1. You are discounting how powerful you really are.

  2. You are discounting what are you are really capable of.


Salespeople are often accused of and guilty of discounting their prices too early and too deeply. This can be a big mistake. But salespeople often discount a lot of things that are far more detrimental to their sales results.

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