An Interview, My Guest Post and Talking Smack


A few weeks ago, my good friend Joe Sperry and I had coffee at Stauf‘s in Grandview, Ohio (best coffee anywhere). Joe is a good friend, and a super-sharp consultant on strategic account management and customer relationships. Joe’s outfit is called S4 Consulting, and they have a community site called Business Relationships. (Need I say more about Joe? He bought the domain name for about ten bucks).

Joe interviewed me for a new series on their blog called Secrets of Success.

Get Joe’s outstanding book The Seven Keys to Managing Strategic Accounts here.

Guest on

I was recently featured as a guest blogger on They asked me to write a guest post on the top ten sales blogs. This list is a good resource, especially if you are looking for actionable takeaway ideas.

Sales Smack

My friend Jim Keenan has a blog called A Sales Guy. Jim has gotten together with David Brock at Partners in Excellence to start a show on Talk Shoe called Sales Smack. The debut episode will air live on Tuesday, January 12th at 7:00PM Eastern. The subject for the hour: Is Sales Responsible for Company Growth?

I’ll save my thoughts for the show!

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Read my featured guest post on the Top Ten Sales blogs.

Read my interview on business relationships by Joe Sperry at S4 Consulting.

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