Start 2010 Resolved

Welcome to 2010!

Now that it is here, what are you going to do with it?

Because I am a goal-oriented person, I don’t make a whole lot of resolutions on January 1st. I am making new goals and taking new actions all year long. But this is a perfect time to reflect on the last year and to outline rules to guide your activities in the coming year. The top two on my list in 2010 are:

Self Discipline

Self discipline is the foundation of all success, regardless of the endeavor. I am a disciplined individual (and all disciplined people wish they were more disciplined), but I am going to use 2010 to increase and improve my personal will and self discipline. Self discipline is about keeping the promises one makes to oneself. It is the cornerstone of personal and professional development. And it is the one attribute that all other attributes are built upon.

Isn’t self-discipline what “resolved” really means? I am going to spend a lot of time working on and writing about self-discipline in 2010.

Passionate Engagement

Another observation I have made over the past couple years is the difference in the performance of those who are passionately engaged in what they are doing and those who dabble. The highest performers aren’t a little more passionate or a little more engaged. The highest performers bring a shockingly higher level of passion and engagement to what they do. They don’t waste time simply going through the motions. Instead, they bring their whole self to each and every endeavor. They commit to being there, completely absorbed in the activity, whatever it may be.

It’s easy to be passionately engaged sometimes, especially when you are doing something that is new to you. It’s much harder to bring that same passionate engagement to the basic activities that most of us  do on auto-pilot and with little thought or engagement.

Those are my two driving rules for 2010? What are yours?


What are you resolved to do in 2010?

Who are you resolved to be in 2010?

What are the attributes that you have to possess in order to be who you have to be?

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