Top Ten Most Popular Posts of 2009

I really only started seriously blogging in September, so this post should really be called the Top Ten Posts . . . Ever. The series on 10 Essentials rules the list, with a couple of outliers forcing there way on. I have a couple that fell just outside of the top ten that I feel deserve an honorable mention.

The Top Ten

1. 10 Essentials: Opener vs. Closer The hands down most viewed winner. It isn’t even really close. I know why this one resonates with people.

2. 10 Essentials: Sales Acumen vs. Business Acumen

3. Why You Fail The first post outside of the 10 Essentials Series to land on the list. Why so popular?

4. 10 Essentials: Activity vs. Effectiveness

5. 10 Essentials: Commissions vs. Customer’s Success

6. Sales Process Problems: Turn by Turn Guidance is Unavailable The second outside the 10 Essentials Series inspired by my friend David Brock.

7. 10 Essentials: Company Brand vs. My Brand

8. 10 Essentials: Selling Outside vs. Selling Inside

9. 10 Essentials: Great Communicator vs. Great Listener

10. 10 Essentials: Adaptable vs. Prepared

My List of Honorable Mentions

Why You Must Read II Of all of the posts over the last year, this may be the most important. I think reading is one of the cornerstones of professional and personal development.

How To Reengage Stalled Prospects This post sparked a lot of conversation, more than many of the more popular posts when ranked by views. This is the hard stuff, the heavy lifting part of sales.

When It’s Okay to Sell On Price Alone There is the old conventional wisdom that insists that you should never sell on price alone. This just isn’t true.

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