Why You Fail

Why You Fail

The reason you fail is because you believe something.

You believe you can’t succeed. You believe it is easier to stop trying. You believe you don’t have the outside resources you need to succeed. You believe if you engage these outside resources they won’t help. Maybe you believe it can’t be done. You believe it is too hard. You believe it isn’t worth the effort.

I don’t know which of these you might believe, but I if you believe any of them, then I believe you are wrong. You can never fail as long as you keep trying.

Why You Succeed

The reason you succeed is because you believe something. You still believe that it is difficult to achieve some things, but you believe that it is worth the effort. You believe that it is worth it to pay the price, and then you pay that price. You believe that there are resources that you can employ to help you, and they do.. You believe that you can and you will succeed . . . maybe not right away, but eventually.

And, you never quit . . .

You Choose

You get to choose which of these beliefs you hold. You will act according to which of these beliefs you choose. You will get the results, success or failure, based on your choice. You have to make this choice every day. Choose wisely.

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