Twenty Eight Articles for Sales: 28 – Whatever else you do, keep the initiative.


This, then, is the tribal wisdom, the folklore which those who went before you have learned. Like any folklore it needs interpretation, and contains seemingly contradictory advice. Over time, as you apply unremitting intellectual effort to study your territory, you will learn to apply these ideas in your own way, and will add to this store of wisdom from your own observations and experience. So only one article remains: and if you remember nothing else, remember this:

Whatever else you do, keep the initiative. In sales, the initiative is everything. If your competitor is reacting to you, you control the environment. Provided you mobilize the population, you will win. If you are reacting to your competitors, then they are controlling the environment and you will eventually lose. Do not be drawn into purely reactive operations: focus on the population of contacts within your prospect and client companies, build your own solution, further your game plan and fight the competitor only when he gets in your way. This gains and keeps the initiative.

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