Twenty Eight Articles for Sales: 22 – Local forces should mirror the enemy, not ourselves.

Local forces should mirror the enemy, not ourselves. By this stage you will be working closely with the prospects and clients in your territory, training them or supporting them, and building their capability to achieve the promised results that allowed you win their business. The natural tendency is to build forces in our own image, with the aim of eventually handing our role over to them. This is a mistake. In order to lock out competitors, it isn’t enough that we deliver the promise results that gained the business. Instead, we have build in the results that a competitor might also be able to achieve. If there is dissatisfaction or frustration in achieving those results, your competitors will easily gain access to your contacts, and these contacts will open the door.

When training and supporting your clients, seek to build the ability to generate results from your products and services while at the same time building the ability to generate the results that your competitors might also build.

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