Twenty Eight Articles for Sales: 21 – Exploit a “single narrative”

Exploit a single narrative. Since sales is a competition to mobilize support, it pays to know how people are mobilized. In most companies, there are opinion-makers who set trends and influence perception. Your competitor has a single narrative, a simple, unifying, easily-expressed story or explanation that organizes people’s experience and provides a framework for understanding. To undercut their influence you must exploit an alternative narrative: or better yet, tap into an existing narrative that excludes your competitors.

This narrative is often worked for you by higher headquarters – but only you have the detailed knowledge to tailor the narrative to local conditions and your prospects to generate leverage from it. At the company level, you do this in baby steps, by getting to know contacts who are opinion-makers, winning their trust, learning what mobilizes them and building on this to find a single narrative that emphasizes the inevitability and rightness of your ultimate success. This is art, not science.

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