Twenty-Eight Articles for Sales: 12 – Prepare for handover from Day One

Prepare for handover from Day One. Believe it or not, you won’t personally deliver most of the value you and your company will create for the prospect or client. Your team members will need your corporate knowledge. Start handover folders and files from day one. These folders should include lessons learned, details about the prospect’s business and corporate culture, organizational charts, and need analysis–anything that may help newcomers master the environment and create value.

All the information you come across on your sales calls is valuable. Treat it as such, and know that what seems like an insignificant detail now, may later be the key to success. Computerized databases are essential, but keep good backups and ensure you have file copies of key documents. This is boring, tedious, and essential. Over time, you will create a corporate memory that helps your team succeed.

Begin the handover process from day one.Twenty-Eight Articles for Sales.

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