Twenty-Eight Articles for Sales: 10 – Be There.

The Golden Hour.

You have been hired, been on-boarded, and if you are lucky, you have had some sales training. Now it is time to enter your territory and start your campaign. This is the golden hour. Mistakes made now will haunt you for the rest of your year, while early successes will set the tone for victory. You will look back at your early actions and cringe at your clumsiness. So be it: but you must act.

Be there. The first rule of sales is to be there. You can never anticipate when an opportunity with your prospect will arise. If you are not present when the opportunity exists, there is usually little you can do about it later. So your first order of business is to establish presence. If you cannot do this throughout your whole territory, then do it wherever you can. This demands a residential approach-living in your sector, in close proximity to your prospects and clients, rather than raiding into the area from time to time. This allows you to establish links with the contacts, who see you as a real person they can trust and do business with, not as an alien who descended from an armored box.

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