Twenty-Eight Articles for Sales: 7 – Train the squad leaders – then trust them

Train the squad leaders – then trust them. Sales is a sales manager’s war, and often a single salespersons war. Battles are won or lost in moments; Whoever can bring power to bear in seconds, will win. The sales person in the prospect or client’s office controls the fight. You must train your salespeople to act intelligently and independently without orders.

You cannot get away with average sales managers or average salespeople. Training should focus on basic skills: prospecting, effective questioning, creating value for prospects and customers, and obtaining commitments. When in doubt, spend less time on other areas and more on sales skills training and development. Ruthlessly replace sales leaders who don’t make the grade. But once people are trained, and you have a shared operational plan, you must trust them. We talk about this, but few VP of Sales or Sales Managers really trust their people. Today, you have no choice. Twenty-Eight Article for Sales

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