Twenty-Eight Articles for Sales: 6 – Find a political/cultural adviser

Find a political/cultural adviser. In a force optimized for sales and for creating value for your clients, you will need to be able to speak language and navigate the intricacies of company politics. Politics are at play in both your client’s company and your own, and you will need an adviser in both.

Don’t try to be your own cultural adviser; you must be fully aware of the political and cultural dimension, but this is a different task. The adviser’s task isn’t to help you understand the political or cultural environment, but rather to help you shape the it. This means you need a key adviser within the client’s company to help remove political obstacles, and to help you acquire the access to people and information. You also need a key adviser within your own company for the very same reason: to remove political obstacles and to acquire access to the resources you need to create value for your client. Twenty-Eight Articles for Sales

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