Twenty-Eight Articles for Sales: 4 – Organize for Inter-agency Operations

Organize for inter-agency operations. Almost everything in sales is done with the contacts at your client, as well as your company’s strategic partners and vendors. Everything important will involve your company working with contacts within your client’s company, as well as other partners who you cannot control, but who are necessary for both you and your client to succeed. Train your team in inter-agency operations.

Get briefings from as many contacts within your client company as you can. Ask the people at that company about your ideas. Learn how not to scare them. As a salesperson, you bring change. That change isn’t always welcomed. Get briefings from all of the divisions of your company that will be essential in winning and serving your client. Get briefings from your company’s strategic partners or vendors who are part of your team. Brief these groups yourself.

As a sales professional, you lead the team in delivering value, and there is no substitute for creating the deep and lasting relationships that ultimately allow you to succeed. Twenty Eight Articles for Sales

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