Failure to Fail

Are you failing to fail?

Does your prospect list contain the potential clients that you are likely not to win? You know the ones I am talking about: the ones that are happy with their current provider of whatever it is you provide, the ones that are impossible to pin down for a meeting, the ones that no one has been able to penetrate for years. Some of these may in fact be your dream clients, the prospects for whom you and your company could really make a difference.

Reggie Jackson, Hall of Fame baseball player, hit an amazing 563 home runs. This is a stat baseball fans, especially New York Yankees fans, can cite from memory. The stat you won’t often hear is that Reggie Jackson holds the record for strikeouts: 2,597. That means Mr. October was more than four times as likely to strikeout as to hit a home run.

Jackson failed. A lot. He failed big, and he failed in public. But he played the game, and he swung for the fences.

Put the difficult prospects back on your prospect list.

Re-engage them.

Take another approach.

Find another way in.

Be there when something changes.

Most of all, don’t fail to fail. That means you try and you swing for the fences every time . . . with no fear of failing.

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