Sales 3.0

I love Sales 2.0, so don’t get me wrong. Even though technology provides us with wonderful new tools, it is no roadmap to success by itself. The right approach, it seems to me, is Sales 3.0.

Sales 3.0 is:

Sales 1.0 (timeless principles and skill sets) + Sales 2.0 (technological tools and enablers)

No matter how great the tool, it is no better than the person using it. To succeed in sales, you need the timeless attributes that have always allowed sales people to succeed, including:

Timeless Principles:

  1. Self Discipline: The Ability to Keep Commitments to One’s Self
  2. Optimism: A Positive Mental Attitude
  3. Competitiveness: A Desire to Win
  4. Initiative: The Ability to Take Action
  5. Resourcefulness: The Ability to Find a Way, or to Make One
  6. Determination: The Ability to Persevere
  7. Caring: A Desire to Achieve a Positive Result for Others
  8. Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: The Ability to Connect with Others
  9. Communication: The Ability to Listen and to Explain Ideas
  10. Influence: The Ability to Persuade Others

To succeed in sales, especially B2B sales, you also need the following sales-related skill sets:

Sales Skill Sets:

  1. Closing: The Ability to Ask For and Obtain Commitments
  2. Differentiate: The Ability to Stand Out from the Crowd
  3. Prospecting: The Ability to Open Relationships
  4. Business Acumen: A General Understanding of Business Principles
  5. Diagnose: The Desire to Understand
  6. Storytelling: The Ability to Share a Vision
  7. Negotiation: The Ability to Create Win-Win Deals
  8. Change Management: The Ability to Help Others Improve
  9. Leadership: The Ability to Generate Results Through Others
  10. Manage Outcomes: The Ability to Achieve Results

All of these attributes and skills are necessary to succeed in sales, regardless of the many benefits technology provides. I happen to be a huge fan of Jigsaw, but doubt that it is a great tool for those who lack the self-discipline to make their calls.

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