It’s Not Your Sales Manager’s Job

Motivation, that is. It is not your sales manager's job to motivate you. In fact, he can't motivate you. Truth be told, he can't even threaten you or inspire you. Anthony Robbins can't motivate you. No one can. All they can do is speak to the greatest motivational speaker in the world and have him speak to you.

The greatest motivational speaker in the world is the one that resides inside you. That motivational speaker speaks to you in a way no one else can or will. That motivational speaker has the one voice that consistently resonates with you. He can motivate you to reach further, to try harder, to win against all odds.

But the awful truth is that this motivational speaker can also be the worst motivational speaker in the world. He can tell you aren't good enough. He can tell you that there will be time to make your calls tomorrow. He can tell you that the prospects are no good, that all the best accounts are taken, and that your territory sucks. 

Fortunately, you control the world's greatest (or worst) motivational speaker. You get to control which speaker you get. Will you choose the best speaker, the one who can inspire you, or will you choose the worst speaker, the one that demotivates you. You get to control the content of the speaker's relentless, interminable speeches. What will you have him say?

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