There is no right or wrong, only effective and ineffective

Last week I posted on my admitted agnosticism to sales processes. Process becomes a problem when it turns into right and wrong. When we start to divide activities into right and wrong, we cut ourselves off from possibilities. Or worse still, we believe there are no possibilities to explore or discover. Great discoveries occur when someone goes off the map.

What if, instead of looking at sales as a linear process, we looked at it as an option-rich, creative  endeavor with many paths that might, if successfully pursued, lead us to the outcome we desire?

Instead of thinking of things in terms of right and wrong, let’s start thinking of things as effective and ineffective, leaving open the possibility that what is effective in one case might be ineffective in another. Equally, what is ineffective in one case might be effective in another. Why not keep all of the options available? It isn’t going to be linear, and it isn’t going to be a straight line (just like sales).

Instead of thinking of actions as right and wrong, what if we thought of these actions as effective and ineffective? How would this change the way we approach our prospective customers? Would it lead to
new options that might allow us to advance the sale more quickly or more effectively?

Will you need to upgrade your skill sets as a sales professional to pull this off? You bet you will.


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Why I am Sales Process Agnostic (and you should be too)

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