Old School Sales Success Trick

One of my clients is a first-rate salesman and sales manager himself. Last week we were going to meet for dinner and the weather and roads were terrible. To make sure were still on for dinner despite the weather, I called. When I answered, my client said: "Hi Cher."

Cher is my wife's name, and clearly this was a joke made at my expense–like my wife would be calling him on his cell phone. I died laughing. When I recovered, he told me that he programs his cell phone with his client's and contact's names as well as their husband or wife's names. Clearly old school to capture this information (but still as important and effective as ever).

Using the cell phone to do so is simply genius! I started programming my phone immediately, and I added their children's names to the notes section. What better way to ensure you remember?

Last week, my client called me. I, of course, answered: "Hi Joy," to his laughter and amusement.

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