100 Ways to Succeed in Sales: #5 Have a Presence

Face it, long distance relationships don’t work. Nowhere is this more true than in business to business sales. You may have the greatest product or service in your market space, but if your prospects (and clients) never see you, if you don’t have meaningful relationships based on creating real business value, don’t be surprised to receive the call informing you that your best prospect chose your competitor.

  1. Get out and see your prospects and your clients! Today! Now! Right now!
  2. Find a way to bring real business value to your prospects and clients while you are with them! Find out their business issues and challenges and help them make the business improvements that lead to THEIR success!
  3. Learn something. While you at your prospect’s location, learn about
    their business. Learn what their competitive position is within their
    marketplace. Discover what your prospect or client believes their business challenges are, what
    keeps them up at night.
  4. Their crisis is YOUR crisis! Be there! Give a damn!
  5. Have a presence EVEN WHEN IT ISN’T REQUIRED! Business relationships are built on value created and TRUST. Your presence has the ability to ensure the prospect or client that you are there with them and in the fight, even when there is no crisis that requires your attention.

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