Tom Peter’s Caught in the Act and My Endorsement

One of my hero’s, Tom Peters, has come out of the closet on his politics. Well, sort of. If you have read Tom for as along as I have (decades), there has never been any doubt in my mind as to his political leanings (despite his intention to keep his blog apolitical). The link included here will point you to Tom’s post which includes a link to a New York Times article featuring Tom (who supports Obama) and Carly Fiorina (who is working for John McCain), as well as a Youtube video endorsement.

I have always struggled with whether or not a blog about a business topic was the proper forum for political postings, and I tend to agree with Tom that it is not. I believe that politics are far too divisive, and because they are so, one runs the risk of losing the chance to capture an audience’s attention because they oppose some political ideology or another. I respect Tom’s willingness to post his beliefs on his blog, and I
don’t believe his post is likely to turn many off to his ideas
regarding business (doubtless it will turn off some of the most ardent anti-Obama crowd).

Tom has inspired me, and I cannot write what comes next without disclosing the fact that I am a libertarian (without the capital L or the party affiliation).

As a libertarian, I don’t believe that our government, or those represent us there, are what makes (or made) this country great (and still the envy of the world). I believe that what makes America great is the enormous freedom we have, and the magnificent opportunity America still represents. The American engine of prosperity is not, and never has been, our government or any President. It has always been those of us in business that realize the opportunities that exist and act to make something of them, from the settlers that drove us West, to the Silicon Valley that still propels us forward from that coast. 

So, here, I can make only one endorsement: US!

The problems we face as a country, and many touch all of us and our businesses, have no easy answers. Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s election, let’s remember that America IS what WE make of it. If you don’t get the President or the policies that you prefer (and I can assure you that, regardless of the outcome, I won’t), don’t let the outcome sap you of your belief that you can still make of yourself and your business anything that you desire. Over the coming four years, neither a President Obama nor a President McCain can or will have nearly as much impact on you or your business as you CAN or WILL.

So go and vote, make your preference known, and then get back to the real work of making America great and what is still the greatest engine of prosperity the world has ever known. 

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