Does Your Bill demonstrate Your Value?

Recently, a friend of mine used a law firm to help him with the legal work required to start his business. He knew it was going to be expensive, and of course the bill came with a description of the work completed and the time it took each of the attorneys to complete the work.

His problem?

He knows that the metric that law firms use to evaluate their own sales performance is hours billed. He is asking questions like, "Should this really have taken four hours?" and "Wouldn’t they already have a template for this?" I asked him what he would have thought had they left the hours off and simply left the description of the work completed and the amount due. He told me that he expected the bill to be about what it was, and he probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

Does your bill reflect your internal sales metrics? Does billing that way allow you to reinforce the value that you created? What if your bill stated the value created instead of your internal sales metric?

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