100 Ways to Succeed in Sales: #4 Love a Good Fight

One of the primary attributes necessary for success in sales is a competitive nature. You have to love a good fight! Why is this necessary? Because sales is a zero sum game. When we compete for a prospect, one of us is going to win the customer, and the rest of us competing for that same customer are going to lose the sale (at least for some period). Even if you win part of the business and I win part of the business, whatever part one of us receives, the other does not. This is the essence of a zero sum game.

If you are going to succeed in sales (especially now, during the most intensely competitive environment in history), you have to LOVE a good fight. You won’t win every sale; no one does. But you should never be satisfied with losing even if you tried your best (you’ll get a rematch at some point in the future, I promise). Keep the fire in your belly and keep your competitive edge.

And make certain the next brawl is right around the corner.

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