100 Ways to Succeed in Sales: #3 Differentiate

I know your industry is full of whores (whose isn’t?). But that’s no reason to dress up in sexy outfits, walk the streets at night, and lean in car windows to talk to strangers. The fact of the matter is, if you look and act exactly like your competitors, you will be treated exactly like them. Don’t be surprised when the discussion then turns to price, the last refuge of those who cannot innovate or differentiate.

Maybe your product or service isn’t all that different. That doesn’t mean that YOU can’t be different (And by different, I necessarily mean better. MUCH BETTER).

How can YOU deliver more value and differentiate yourself as a sales professional?

Can you have a better understanding of the client’s problems, challenges and opportunities? Maybe you could learn enough about their business to be the only game in town.

Can you do a better job of ensuring that your company’s delivery and execution is far superior to your competitor’s? Does this mean you’ll have to play politics and sell inside your own company as well as you sell to your prospects and clients? Absolutely. That’s the price of professionalism, friend.

Can you ensure that your product or service helps make your client more successful in their own competitive space? Does this mean taking ideas from the client back to headquarters to work with your team to innovate a new product or service? Why not?

Your point of differentiation as a salesperson begins when you personally deliver more value than your peers, whatever it is. When you can create that kind of value, you will truly stand out from the crowd as different. (But don’t worry, most of your competitors in sales aren’t thinking like this. They’re out shopping for a sexier outfit).

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