100 Ways to Succeed in Sales: #2 Use Every Method of Prospecting

Imagine Tiger Woods playing golf with only a putter. How about Lance Armstrong with a single gear? How about one of the Super Bowl winning Manning boys only running a single play? The fact of the matter is that some situations call for a different approach, or a different set of tools. Tiger uses every club in the bag, Lance uses every gear on the bike, and the Manning boys run all kinds of plays.

Why then do we stick to one approach instead of using all of the tools that are available to us as sales professionals? Do you believe that cold calling is the only way to gain entrance to a prospect? I have never seen any poorer prospecting results than from the sales professionals who believes that they can network (or worse still, social network), their way to success in sales. 

The best approach is to use many different approaches UNTIL one works!

Some options include: telemarketing, cold calling, networking, social networking, marketing letters or emails, writing articles for local publications, educational programs, and referrals.

Build your prospecting plan using ALL or MANY of the methods that are available to you! Develop YOUR OWN repertoire for each and every prospecting method.

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