100 Ways to Succeed in Sales: #1 Prospect Daily

Last year I trained to ride 200 miles across Death Valley on a bicycle (I made it 160 miles before dehydrating–they don’t call it Death Valley for nothing). To help with my training for this event, I hired an excellent cycling coach. Most days I rode a minimum of a single hour, some days as many as nine hours. But the long days were the exceptions, not the rule.

Occasionally, my work life interrupted my training schedule, and I missed a couple days of training. When I would speak to my coach about making up the time on the weekend, he consistently reminded me of the fact that there is no way to cram for physical fitness. When I would suggest expanding a four hour ride on Saturday to six hours to make up an early workout, he would stick to his guns, reminding me that if I wanted to ride six hours that was fine, but it wouldn’t benefit my fitness level any more than my regularly scheduled training rides.

My fitness only improved by riding the single (hard) hour each day.

The same is true of prospecting. There is no way to cram for success in prospecting for new customers. Many salespeople will do almost any other sales-related tasks before they make time to prospect. Then, when the week is coming to close, they will try to cram in some time cold calling or telemarketing, hoping they can get a prospect in the pipeline to salvage the week.

If you want to succeed in sales, prospecting MUST come FIRST! Nothing comes out of the small end of the sales funnel until it has been put in the big end. Period. Schedule your day around your prospecting–not the other way around!

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