Sales Bullies?

I could spend all my blogging time just riffing on Seth Godin’s blogs. This post about Sales Bullies is fascinating. Nobody (and I mean NOBODY) is being taught hardball sales tactics anymore (although I believe the pendulum made have swung a little too far the other way . . . we do still have to close deals). Who, in God’s name, could he be writing about in sales today, when everyone is so conscious of their tactics? Even my car dealership conducts a survey when you make a purchase to make certain their salesperson didn’t abuse you.

If hardball tactics are your only tools, you are in deep trouble (and don’t expect referrals). In my opinion, however, too many have us are so conscious of our approach that we are afraid to close at all. There is no reason to be a bully; but there is also no reason to be a sissy either.

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