Right in Your Own Backyard

Why do new sales reps so often suffer from call reluctance? When you ask them, they almost always respond with something about dreading the rejection. Some advice for new salespeople:

Nothing has any more (or less) meaning than we allow it. Professional salespeople never feel rejected (and many will tell you the prospect is making a mistake by not meeting with them or buying from them–and they believe these are mistakes that they are obligated to try to correct).

Here is a simple little analogy that may help you with some perspective on prospecting and rejection. When we prospect, we are essentially digging for treasure. Each telephone call or cold call is like scooping a big pile of dirt from the ground. Many shovels–maybe even most–will contain nothing but dirt and rocks. But lurking underneath is treasure. You can’t get at the treasure unless and until you move enough dirt and rocks out of the way. Is the earth rejecting your attempt to get at the treasure? Sure it is; you can’t get at it without real effort.

If you were told there was money buried in your backyard (let’s say it was roughly the amount of a year’s good commission), would you break out the shovel? Would you move enough dirt to find it? What if it took you a couple hours a day? Prospecting is no different than digging for that treasure, and you should approach it with the same energy and enthusiasm as if the reward was right in your own backyard.

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