Micro Persuasion on Deliberate Practice

Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion has a nice post on Deliberate Practice, attributing it rightly to Dr. K. Anders Ericsson from Florida State University.

I have long been a fan of Dr. Ericsson’s work, and in the past I have corresponded with him regarding the value of deliberate practice for sales professionals. My favorite quote from Dr. Ericsson is from Fast Company Magazine:

So does experience matter?
"Just because you’ve been walking for 55 years doesn’t mean you’re getting better at it."

Just because you have been selling for many years doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting better at it–and you may be getting worse. Deliberate practice means practicing in such a way that you concentrate on the  distinctions that lead to improved performance (Ericsson says most people can only do so for about an hour at a time).

Here is a short explanation of deliberate practice.

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