Sales kickoff meetings and quarterly sales meetings are an opportunity to provide your sales force with new knowledge, new ideas, and new beliefs. It’s important that your provide them with keynote speakers, seminar leaders, and workshops that provide them with the most useful, most relevant, and most actionable ideas available.

I hope that this page provides you with ideas an information about what you should expect from speakers that you hire for your kickoff, quarterly, workshops, and training meetings. And, I hope I can provide you with some information as to what I do and how I might be of service. And, thanks in advance for considering me!

Why Hire Me (When you could just read the blog)?

When my friend, Dan Perez, joined me in Orlando to film a recent speech, he pulled me aside and asked me some questions based on the material I presented. Then he ambushed me and asked me why anyone should hire me when I publish so much content here. This short clip will provide you a little information about how I work and the outcomes I provide.

Sample Video (Breakout Session)

This is an example of me speaking at a sales kickoff breakout session.