Leading From Outside Your Glass House (A Note to the Sales Manager)

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Sales managers are always complaining that their sales people don’t read, don’t study and don’t work on improving themselves as sales professionals. This criticism is 100% valid. Most salespeople don’t (except, of course, those who continually show up here!) Here are three ways … [Read more...]

They Are Not You (A Note to the Sales Leader)

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You were a great salesperson. You were truly special. Selling came easy to you. You were born with the ability to create rapport. You like people and they like you. People have always trusted you, and you’ve always taken on more responsibility than was expected of you. You built … [Read more...]

When To Take Your Team Off the Field (A Note to the Sales Leader)

When You Take the Team Off the Field (A Note to the Sales Leader)

When you take your team off the field make sure it is achieve the right outcomes. Too often sales organizations take their sales teams off the field to accomplish things that are better accomplished some other way. They take them off the field to cover administrative or … [Read more...]