On the Occasion of My 4th Anniversary

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It was four years ago today that I decided to start writing and posting here daily. I had watched and studied (and shamelessly stole from) Chris Brogan, who wrote and posted daily at www.chrisbrogan.com (I am proud to call Chris a friend, and he's been a great teacher). I also … [Read more...]

Who Is Writing Your Story?

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You are writing the story of your life. You are the author and protagonist. You’re the one making the decisions; you decide where the story goes next. As you write your story, you encounter outside forces, but those forces aren’t writing your story. Unless you allow them … [Read more...]

You’re Writing the Middle Chapter

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I heard a very good speech at Toastmasters a few months ago. It was a painful story about love and betrayal. The story was extremely well told, and everyone who heard it was moved, me included. But at the end of the speech, I was left with a sense of dread. There was no … [Read more...]

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