Why You Are Struggling With Price

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Your competitors sell at a lower price. It’s tough to win when your competitors are willing to give away what they should be selling. But there is nothing you can do about your competitors. If this is your struggle, one or more of the following four reasons is the root cause of … [Read more...]

Video: What Are Dream Clients?

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Transactional Selling to Avoid Conflicts Around Price

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The reason so many people want to be transactional and agree to a discount their price is that it eliminates one of the major areas of conflict in sales. If you agree to your prospective client’s price, then there is no conflict, you just say “yes” and you are off to the … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Them Change You

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There are many good reasons to turn down business that you could win. But the most important reason to turn down business is when taking it would mean unintentionally changing your business strategy. Some sales organizations end up changing their strategy to lowest price without … [Read more...]

Sell Your Higher Price From In Front

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This post was written as part of the IBM for Midsize Business program, which provides midsize businesses with the tools, expertise and solutions they need to become engines of a smarter planet. The last thing you want to do is to defend your pricing after it comes under … [Read more...]

Plus the Value You Add

Despite how common it is, of the toughest challenges a sales person (or sales organization) can face is having a product or service with the same cost basis as their competitor's. You each pay the same price for the component parts that make up what you sell, whatever that may … [Read more...]

Virtuous and Vicious Cycles

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Sometimes you end up in a loop. That loop can lead upward, producing better and better results. That loop can also descend deep into what can feel like Hell. Some cycles are virtuous and some are simply vicious. The Vicious Cycle Lower margins make it difficult to deliver … [Read more...]

The Only Seven Responses to Any Question

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Robin Starr gave a speech at Toastmasters. She said that there are only seven responses to any question. Let’s look at them through the lens that is professional selling. Yes The perfect answer. The one, most hoped for, and best of all responses. What do you want to hear when … [Read more...]

You Are Already An Expert At Writing a Value Proposition

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You are already an expert at writing value propositions. Over the course of your lifetime you’ve written thousands of value propositions. Well, to be honest, you didn’t actually write these value propositions. But rest assured, you did create value proposition. Let’s look at … [Read more...]

On Value Subtractors

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There is no greater value subtractor than a salesperson who is unprepared to create value through the buying cycle. Being unprepared is a subtractor. An absence of chops (read business acumen and situational knowledge) is an enormous subtractor. Without the ability to really help … [Read more...]

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