Resolution or Transformation

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So, you’ve changed have you? This year you kept your promises, and the changes you’ve made are visible, huh? Would the person closest to you in your life recognize the personal changes that you’ve made this year? Would they call those changes a “transformation?” Or would they … [Read more...]

The Hustler’s Playbook: How to Become a Hustler

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If you want to transform yourself from a non-hustler to a hustler, you are going to need to make some serious changes. These changes begin in your mind before they manifest in your results. You must reject the scarcity mindset and replace it with a belief in limitless … [Read more...]

What Are You Known For?

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My friend Chris Brogan is known for helping entrepreneurial, owner-types find ways to build sustainable business models. He’s also known for integrating health and business. Dave Brock is known for helping sales organizations improve their processes, including their sales … [Read more...]