Why Can’t I See You?

alt text image of a business women using video on her phone

My client said, “Why can’t I see you.” The reason he couldn’t see me is rather simple. I called him from my cellular phone, and I was driving the through Starbucks. The phone was on the seat next to me. He expected to see me because I called him over Skype, and we almost … [Read more...]

Let’s Go To the Video II

alt text image of a video camera

Today I was a panelist at my friend Gerhard Gschwandtner’s Sales 2.0 conference. It’s a great conference; you should attend next time. Gerhard opened the show with a keynote about the power of video in sales enablement. But Gerhard didn’t just deliver a regular opening keynote … [Read more...]

Ten Popular Ideas About Sales That Aren’t Exactly True

Ten Things About Sales That Aren't Exactly True

There are all kinds of ideas about what works and what doesn't work in sales. Some of it contains a truth, but not the whole truth. Buyers are doing a ton of research. It’s true that buyers are doing research. Maybe some are 57%, 67%, or 117% through their buying process … [Read more...]

How to Stop Living In Your Inbox

How to Stop Living In Your Inbox

Every couple months I get a phone call that goes something like this, "Did you get the email I sent you?" I respond by saying, "I don’t think so. When did you send it?" The sender responds by saying, "Just now." And with that statement, they reveal themselves. They are of the … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to Luddites: Master the New Technologies Or Else

An Open Letter to Luddites: Master the New Technologies, Or Else

Imagine a delivery driver at the beginning of the 20th century. He delivers goods using a horse and carriage. His company scratches together the money for an automobile. But the delivery driver refuses to use it, saying, "I don't want to learn to drive one of those things. What's … [Read more...]

You’re Doing Social Media Wrong

You’re Doing Social Media Wrong

Most people don’t really intend to be takers. They don’t intend to do social media wrong. But the tool kit makes it easy. It’s easy to find people with an audience. And it’s easy to find their email address. But that doesn’t mean that you are entitled to leverage someone else's … [Read more...]

My Three Inboxes and Workflow

My Inbox

Those of us that are nerdy enough to write posts like this are really writing them for ourselves. But there are some voyeur-geeks out there that like to look at how other people work, especially when it comes to the digital tools other people use. There are also some people that … [Read more...]