Getting the Camel’s Nose Under the Tent

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A long, long time ago, I attended my first real sales training. The company I worked for brought 50 salespeople together for training. At one point in the day, the focus shifted to asking for an order--a single order. But I didn’t have it in me to ask for a single order. I wanted … [Read more...]

What I Have Come to Believe About Leadership

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Over time, you learn from watching leaders and from leading your own teams. You see things differently at different times, and if you pay attention, you make new distinctions. You see new patterns. Here are four beliefs about leadership that I have developed over the years. I … [Read more...]

The Power In Knowing How To

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Strategy is important. So is vision. You know where you want to take your team. You know what results you need to achieve. And you know how you intend to compete and win in your markets. Leaders love to talk strategy, vision, and meaning. What they often spend too little time on … [Read more...]

The Only Two Business Strategies

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There are really only two business strategies: caring and not caring. No Caring The “no caring” business strategy makes everything transactional. This strategy is built on the idea of driving down costs as much as possible and charging the lowest possible price. Eventually … [Read more...]

The Three Rules (A Sales Perspective)

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Whenever we find ourselves in a competitive sales situation, it never fails that we find ourselves competing on price. Our dream clients ask us to sharpen our pencils and, in an attempt to win, we sharpen it (sometimes down to a little tiny nub). But instead of sharpening our … [Read more...]

All Problems Are People Problems

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All problems are really people problems. To make the case that all problems are people problems, let’s tackle the biggest people problem first. Let’s say a company’s overall strategy is broken. Well, that doesn’t sound like a people problem at all, does it? But it is a people … [Read more...]

Lying Isn’t a Strategy

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Today, I am disappointed. Sad, really. My phone rang. I answered. It was someone who works for me. She said, “[Salesperson] is on the line. She insists she has an appointment with you at 2:30 PM.” I live on my calendar. How could I have been so careless? I open my calendar app, … [Read more...]

A Strategy for Getting In at Any Level

A Strategy for Getting In at Any Level

When opening relationships is more difficult than closing, why wouldn’t you have a strategy for getting in at any level? Why stick to the C-Suite? If you come in at the highest level, you’ve probably found the authority you need, the person who will sign an agreement. You know … [Read more...]