The Leadership Playbook: Five Cool Things Leaders Do

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Find and fund cool projects: Leaders get to find cool projects. When leaders are open to listening to the people inside their organization (often deep, deep inside their organization), they can often find ideas that allow them to create something new, something better, or … [Read more...]

From Idea to Execution to Idea

From Idea to Execution to Idea

One of the keys to prospecting effectively is having a differentiated, compelling idea. You get in because you have some way that you can help your prospective client with some new or better outcome. It’s your ideas that make you worth meeting with (and it’s your lack of ideas … [Read more...]

Even More on Dissatisfaction in Sales Opportunities

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In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.     - Yogi Berra Pull up your pipeline report. Pick a live opportunity. It doesn't matter which opportunity it is, just pick one. Now, tell me why your prospective client is absolutely going to … [Read more...]