Losses Due to Lack of Consensus

alt text image of a group of business people with hands on each other's hands

Lately I am seeing more and more salespeople lose opportunities because they don’t have the support of the necessary stakeholders. Here's two ideas to prevent this from putting an opportunity in your loss column. Authority In some cases they don’t have authority. Even though … [Read more...]

Selling to the A, B, and F Suites

Selling to the A, B, and F Suites

You’re might be overly concerned with selling to the C-suite. Authority used to reside in fewer people. Now decisions are more and more made by consensus. The elevator from the ground floor passes through every floor on its way to the Executive Suite. And it’s likely your deal … [Read more...]

How Many Agreements Do You Need?

How Many Agreements Do You Really Need?

You think you need your power sponsor to agree that you are the best person to add to their management team, that your solution is best, and that they should move forward with you. Not so fast! What about the rest of the organization that is going to be impacted by a decision to … [Read more...]