The Disruptive Age Doesn’t Care About You

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The Disruptive Age doesn’t care about you or your problems. The social, economic, political, cultural, and scientific factors impacting your business don’t care about your business model. They don’t care about your pricing model either. All of the events taking place in the … [Read more...]

Own Your Social Platform

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I bought the domain name in 1996. I only used it for email. In 2007, when I bought, I let expire, believing that my last name was so unusual, and so difficult to spell, that it was essentially worthless. I had no idea what to … [Read more...]

Social And Selling Without Shame

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There are some people who believe that selling has no place on social media. They believe that to sell would be unholy, profane, impure. They believe that social is for connecting with other people, for communicating, and for sharing the richness of our lives. But there is no … [Read more...]

The Cavalry Isn’t Coming (Part Two)

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The cavalry isn’t coming to save you. You are going to have to take care of yourself. Go back and read this post. But you aren’t all alone. You’ve never been alone. We humans are social creatures. We always have been. We’ve never been able to survive without each other. And … [Read more...]