Choosing Your Sales Process Instead of the Buyer’s Process

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Mistakenly, some salespeople (and sales organizations) believe that their buyer’s process is actually their sales process. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some of their prospective clients have a buying process that is inherently transactional—and inherently bad for … [Read more...]

5 Rules for Nurturing Your Dream Clients

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If you want to win your dream clients, you have to nurture those relationships over time. You have to make the deposits that make you known and that make you known as a value creator. Here are 5 rules to help you nurture your dream clients without making the mistakes most sales … [Read more...]

Build Great Salespeople

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I had an interesting email exchange with two people I trust and admire very much. It was about my Sunday newsletter (you can sign up here). They were concerned about last Sunday's newsletter, in which I had written about the two most important factors when it comes to sales … [Read more...]

7 Ways Selling Could Be Easier

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Better Product: My product sucks. Everybody else has better stuff. Can you imagine how much easier it would be to sell if only you had a better product? Think of how easy it would be to sell if only people were lined up and dying to buy. Lower Pricing: Our prices are too high … [Read more...]

It’s Not On a Spreadsheet

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Sales leaders are sometimes guilty of focusing on the wrong numbers. But our friends on the other side can be equally guilty of focusing on what they can easily count instead of what’s important. Purchasing and professional buyers like to evaluate offerings on a spreadsheet. In … [Read more...]

Let’s Go To the Video II

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Today I was a panelist at my friend Gerhard Gschwandtner’s Sales 2.0 conference. It’s a great conference; you should attend next time. Gerhard opened the show with a keynote about the power of video in sales enablement. But Gerhard didn’t just deliver a regular opening keynote … [Read more...]

On Science and Sales

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When something is a science it comports with the scientific method. This means that you can prove that something is always true and, no matter how many times you try, you can’t prove it false. Gravity is a good example of something scientific. If you drop something, it falls … [Read more...]

The Spiritual Leader of the Sales Force

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Every sales organization has a spiritual sales leader. There is a sort of religion that develops within the sales organization, and the spiritual leader establishes and maintains that religion. The rest of the salesforce looks to the spiritual leader to determine what they are … [Read more...]

Four Imperatives for the Sales Leader

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Each of these four imperatives ensures that your sales force is effective at the individual level. They’re all necessary to building and sustaining a high performing sales force. A Prospecting Plan that Opens Opportunities: It’s one thing to expect your salespeople to prospect. … [Read more...]

The Key to a Large S-Curve

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You want exponential growth. You want a curve that bends sharply upwards. It’s easy to be tempted into believing that the next big idea to come along, the next shiny object, will be what finally unleashes the potential within you (or your sales organization). But, as painful as … [Read more...]