Ten Mistakes That Kill Sales Opportunities

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Here are ten mistakes you can make that will cost your deal. Taking Shortcuts: Anything that you believe leads to a faster deal leads to a no deal. You can’t rush your buyer through the process because you are in a hurry or because you are behind on your number. Asking … [Read more...]

Sales Opportunities as Labyrinths

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A sales opportunity is a labyrinth. It’s a series of decisions that you have to make. Some of the decisions you make move you closer to your goal. Other decisions lead you to a dead end. Some of the labyrinths seem to look the same. It can feel as if you’ve uncovered the pattern … [Read more...]

Even More on Dissatisfaction in Sales Opportunities

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In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.     - Yogi Berra Pull up your pipeline report. Pick a live opportunity. It doesn't matter which opportunity it is, just pick one. Now, tell me why your prospective client is absolutely going to … [Read more...]