8 Things You Owe Your Sales Force

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A checklist of things you need to provide your sales force. A Great Sales Manager who Leads: Every salesperson is owed a great sales manager to lead them. You should expect any salesperson who isn't provided with a leader to fail, and it will not every be their own fault. … [Read more...]

Build Great Salespeople

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I had an interesting email exchange with two people I trust and admire very much. It was about my Sunday newsletter (you can sign up here). They were concerned about last Sunday's newsletter, in which I had written about the two most important factors when it comes to sales … [Read more...]

Give Them Confidence (A Note to the Sales Manager)

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You are responsible for the salesperson you are providing your clients. When you hire, you can easily believe your are hiring for your company, but you’re really hiring for your clients and prospects. The salesperson you put in front of your client needs to create value for … [Read more...]

Four Imperatives for the Sales Leader

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Each of these four imperatives ensures that your sales force is effective at the individual level. They’re all necessary to building and sustaining a high performing sales force. A Prospecting Plan that Opens Opportunities: It’s one thing to expect your salespeople to prospect. … [Read more...]

Ten Things I Wish I’d Have Known Before I Managed Salespeople

Ten Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Managed Salespeople

Yesterday I wrote about ten things I wish I'd have known before I started selling professionally. Here are ten things that I wish I'd have known before I started managing a sales force. Balance activity and effectiveness. When I first managed salespeople, I was … [Read more...]