On Talking Points

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Pick any three Sunday morning political/talk/current events shows, like Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Meet the Press with David Gregory, or Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Watch the ones that share your brand of America's political parties if it makes you more … [Read more...]

An Easy Answer for Choosing a Sales Process or Methodology

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Karen wrote to me to ask me which sales process or methodology I use. She’s asking this question because she wants to know what she should adopt and her sales practice. I don’t know anything about Karen or her business, so it would be criminal for me to make a recommendation as … [Read more...]

Respect for Your Prospect, Respect for Your Process

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Your dream client has expressed their wishes. They’ve told you what they want to do, and it decreases the odds of your winning. The challenge is that by allowing them to control the process you massively increase the odds of losing the opportunity. You must respect your dream … [Read more...]

Why Can’t I See You?

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My client said, “Why can’t I see you.” The reason he couldn’t see me is rather simple. I called him from my cellular phone, and I was driving the through Starbucks. The phone was on the seat next to me. He expected to see me because I called him over Skype, and we almost … [Read more...]

Your Client’s Value Lens

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Your dream client views the world through their own lens. They see the world through the framework of their industry, their business model, their own business, their challenges, their opportunities, and their experiences. The individual stakeholders within their company each have … [Read more...]

Four Imperatives for the Sales Leader

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Each of these four imperatives ensures that your sales force is effective at the individual level. They’re all necessary to building and sustaining a high performing sales force. A Prospecting Plan that Opens Opportunities: It’s one thing to expect your salespeople to prospect. … [Read more...]

Every Interaction Matters

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Every interaction with your clients (and dream clients) counts. It all matters. That first cold call matters. It matters that you sound like someone who creates value for their clients. Having ideas matters … a lot! It matters how you treat the gatekeepers. It matters how you … [Read more...]

A Yes Is More Difficult Than a No

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Getting a “yes” is more difficult than getting a ‘no.” You have to work very hard for a “yes.” You have to work very hard to understand your dream client’s needs. This is easier said than done, and it almost always requires that you start building that understanding in advance … [Read more...]

Then and Now in Sales

Then and Now in Sales

Paying homage to Lefsetz. Then, it was very difficult to acquire information about your prospects. Now, it’s impossibly simple to find information about your dream clients—if you do the work and use the tools. Then, there weren’t a lot of ways to prospect. It was door-to-door. … [Read more...]

On Conflict and Collaboration

On Conflict and Collaboration

Selling well is a balance between conflict and collaboration. The more—and faster—you can move away from conflict and towards collaboration, the better. But conflict is built in. Conflict at the Start The conflict begins at the very onset of the relationship. You want a … [Read more...]

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