The Animal Spirits In Your Pipeline

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We have a lot of ideas about how buyers buy and how we as sellers should sell. We collect and count data (mostly without capturing any context) and use it to show how buyers make thoughtful, rational, well-informed decisions. But mostly, as buyers, we aren’t as thoughtful or … [Read more...]

We Need to Invest in the Relationship

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Invest in relationships. That sounds like a good idea when you say it that way, doesn’t it. Typically when sales people say that their company needs to invest in relationships they're intimating that their company should spend money serving a client or prospect without billing … [Read more...]

Respect for Your Prospect, Respect for Your Process

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Your dream client has expressed their wishes. They’ve told you what they want to do, and it decreases the odds of your winning. The challenge is that by allowing them to control the process you massively increase the odds of losing the opportunity. You must respect your dream … [Read more...]

It’s Not Your Closing or Negotiating Skills

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Inevitably, when I hear that a salesperson has trouble negotiating or closing there are two main causes, neither of which is negotiating or closing (these problems are relatively easy to solve compared to their root causes). Let’s look at both of the root causes. Unhealthy … [Read more...]

Why Can’t I See You?

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My client said, “Why can’t I see you.” The reason he couldn’t see me is rather simple. I called him from my cellular phone, and I was driving the through Starbucks. The phone was on the seat next to me. He expected to see me because I called him over Skype, and we almost … [Read more...]

Relationships and Competitive Threats

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I just received a note from a client with whom I have a great relationship. It reminded me of these stories, all true. The salesperson had a great relationship with her client. They spent a lot of time together, and they worked very closely setting up a solution that really … [Read more...]

Episode 24 – On Trust and Selling with Charlie Green

Charlie Green is a good friend. And he's one heck of a smart and engaging guy. I talk to Charlie all of the time, but this time I hit the record button so you can listen in on our conversation. Charlie shares some ideas about how to think about trust, his trust equation, … [Read more...]

Episode 23 – RSVP Selling with Tony Hughes

My friend Gerhard Gschwandtner introduced me to Tony Hughes. We recorded a video together. Then Tony and I connected using the social channels and old-school email. I had to fly through Sydney for a speaking engagement, and Tony picked me up the airport and took me to … [Read more...]

Making the Decisions Your Clients Make

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This post on relationships before value brought some interesting and thoughtful email responses. I didn’t make my case that value is part of the relationship and not a substitute for the relationship well enough. I’ll have to go back do better. In the meantime, let’s take a look … [Read more...]

Relationship Selling Is Dead (Redux)

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Some people (mistakenly) believe that relationship selling is dead. Some (mistakenly) believe that the only thing that matters is price. Some of your dream clients believe that the sales organization that support them are nothing more than vendors and should be treated as such. … [Read more...]