Do This And Win. Don’t Do This And Lose!

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Let me pitch you on how to think about your sales process and why it is important to you as a salesperson and/or a sales manager. Do This And Win Your sales process is simply the collection of things that you do that lead to a won deal. It outlines all of the steps between … [Read more...]

The Difficult Choice Is Easy

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Some things that you might believe make selling easier actually make it far more difficult. You might believe that lowering your price makes it easier for your client to choose you over your competitors. But lowering your price lowers the perception of value that you are … [Read more...]

On Value Subtractors

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There is no greater value subtractor than a salesperson who is unprepared to create value through the buying cycle. Being unprepared is a subtractor. An absence of chops (read business acumen and situational knowledge) is an enormous subtractor. Without the ability to really help … [Read more...]