The Leadership Playbook: The Lifeboat Exercise

alt text image of a life raft

You are in a lifeboat. You are sinking fast. You are surrounded by your ten biggest initiatives. They’re all important to your success, and they’re all heavy. To right the ship and save yourself, seven of your initiatives are going to have to be thrown overboard. But first, know … [Read more...]

Revealing Your Priorities

alt text image of three priorities on lines

How you spend your time reveals your priorities. The investment of your focus and attention provides a picture of what you believe to be important. If you believe that new client acquisition is important, that belief is visible in the actions that you take, like nurturing your … [Read more...]

No Margin Is An Error

alt text image of paper with margins

No profit margin wouldn't be an error; it would be a disaster. This is a different margin. It never fails that type-A personalities try to fill every block on the calendar. They try to cram as much as they possibly can onto the calendar because, in their minds anyway, they … [Read more...]