If There Is Information Parity, It’s Your Fault

If There Is Information Parity, It’s Your Fault

There’s so much written now about how the imbalance of power between buyer and seller in the past was due to the fact that the seller had more information. Allegedly, because of the free flow of information on the Internet, your clients are now equal when it comes to information. … [Read more...]

Keeping Context Lists by Relationship

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After your responsibility to develop yourself personally and professionally, your next greatest responsibility is to your relationships. You have to keep track of your relationships, and when you interact with the most important people in your life, you need an agenda. I'm a … [Read more...]

Some Thoughts About Your Calendar and Sunday Night

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If your calendar for the week is essentially empty at this point on a Sunday night, you're prepared to be reactive instead of proactive this week. Instead of working on your highest priorities, other people's highest priorities are going to be working on you. Instead of working … [Read more...]

My Three Words for 2013

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My good friend, Chris Brogan, is a master meme creator. Each year on January 1, Chris chooses three words that make up his themes for the coming year. Chris has infected my mind and my work with a number of memes, and this year he got me with this one. I like the idea of … [Read more...]