Social Is One to Many

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Social Media was once called Social Media Marketing because, when marketers grabbed hold of the tools, they recognized them as one to many. The battle over whether or not the tools are for community or marketing can be traced back to 1999, and I offer the best of all evidence, … [Read more...]

The Last Time We Spoke

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I have clients who rely very heavily on text messages. Their children have trained them to use text, and now they use it for business communications. It’s fast when you need to send a quick note and, when you need a quick response, it is better than an email. I send text messages … [Read more...]

Why Do You Expect a Call Back?

Why Do You Expect a Call Back?

Is it because you believe that the fact that you made a cold call to a prospect you are entitled to a call back? Do you expect a call back because you're too lazy to call back yourself? Is it because you return every telemarketing call you receive at home or at work? Do you … [Read more...]